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TOPIC: 3 Documents from TNTSuperfantastic Call Referred to by Tony


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3 Documents from TNTSuperfantastic Call Referred to by Tony
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  1. I am here to exchange my Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, & Zimbabwe Zim
  2. Do you verify currency on site?
  • Do you have a De LaRue  machine?
What is the rate for: 
  • IQN vs IQD
  • VNN vs VND
  • ZIM
What is the contract rate for the Dinar and DongWhat do I need to qualify for the contract rate?
  • Based on XYZ amount, do I qualify for the contract rate?
  • How do you determine what contract rate I receive?
What is the limit for the contract rate?
  • If you have more $$ than the allotted contract rate, negotiate the rest. Ex: IQN on FOREX is $4.33 then ask for $1.00 more bc you know its going to go up.
Can we discuss the interest rate available?
  • I know that you’re authorized to give 10%
  • Based on that amount, I know that I qualify for that rate and if I don’t, please make me qualified for it
  • If I leave this money here for a longer period of time (1 year, 3 year..), what’s your offer? I don’t know Ok, you’re going to give me 10% with no restrictions.
  • Please give me 10% interest rate without restrictions
What is the exchange fee? Is 1% acceptable?
  • 3/18/19 Spoke to Wells Fargo to sell back $1,000,000 Dong  I will get back $39.17 and I paid $40 for $1,000,000- the difference is 17%
Is there a spread fee? Please waive the all fees including the bank spread fee.Set up separate accounts, then close this accounts and sweep $$ to new accounts 
  • Ask for CDARS coverage 

Add P.O.D







  1. [] Drivers License
  2. [] Second form on ID
  3. [] Most recent utility bill (water, power) to confirm residency
  4. [] Pen, paper, calculator
  5. [] Receipts for currency (DO NOT offer unless they request)
  6. [] Currency to exchange
  7. [] Have TOD designees (Transferable on Death)
  • []Full legal name
  • []SSN #
  • []Address and phone numbers
[] Have list of cashiers checks that I will need along with the exact amount and who they need to be payable to[] Decide in advance how much “pocket money” will be needed
  • []NOTE: DO NOT get more than $9,500?
[] Know the ceiling rate. Make sure you don’t get hit with the Spread Fee.
  • []If you don’t like the spread fee, simply and nicely let them know that you will go to another bank










  1. Please waive all bank fees including “bank spread” fees
  2. Banker to sign & date each IQN, VNN, & ZIM receipt upon exchange
  3. Flag ALL accounts as:
  • Access restricted to non-essential bank personnel
  • Tag as NON-test/NON-training accounts
  • NO offers
  • NO counter staff
  • Set up password with banker
Provide list of cashiers checks to be written out. Ex pay of car loanBook of checks- min 10Centurian Credit card like black AMEX. 
  • NOT RFID  enabled
Request “privileged ATM card”- they have higher daily limits and no fees even when out of network
  • Determine daily spending limit
PROOF OF FUNDS LETTER  from the bank and/or 10-20 CCC’s (clean & clear of criminal activity certificate)Obtain copy of NDA & write all rights reserved? Why?
  • Ask banker to sign my NDA and/or privacy agreement
  • Request blank NDA for accounts, lawyers, accountants...
DO NOT agree to give bank “power of attorney"DO NOT let $$ manager have complete fiduciary control love any of my $$.
  • Make sure that you have to sign everything

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