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13 Commands from Al-Sadr

Al-Sadr lays down 13 commands regarding the unified Friday prayer


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Today, Saturday, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, identified 13 issues regarding the prayer that took place yesterday, Friday, in Sadr City, east of Baghdad.
Al-Sadr said in a statement, "This human torrent that crept into the symbol of obedience and Friday prayer must be driven for several things."

He added that among them are "obedience to God Almighty, the unity of the Iraqi national ranks, the rejection of sectarianism and ethnicity, and standing against corruption in a centralized manner.

I do not believe in anyone..and none of us who belongs to the al-Sadr family should believe in the victory of the prayer that happened

 Friday, Nasr al-Din.. Victory of doctrine.. Victory of Iraq.

 Rather, the favor is purely for God, and the blessings of the Messenger and his family, blessings of God be upon them all, and the breath of the Father, (Holy).  What is my destiny and my danger had it not been that God guides me and you to this great epic.

 This human torrent that crawled to the (symbol of obedience): (Friday prayer) must flow for the sake of Allah

 Several things:

 First : Obedience to God Almighty.  Or not :

 Second: The unity of the Iraqi national ranks and the rejection of sectarianism and ethnicity. 

 Third: Standing against corruption in a centralized manner, not through personal actions.

 Fourth: Strengthening the nation's prestige and rejecting dependency.

 Fifth: The willingness to sacrifice against any occupation, as we have entrusted to you, O faithful national assembly.

 Sixth: An impenetrable dam against normalization, which is approaching little by little. 

 Seventh: Defending our sanctities and preparing for the holy reappearance.

 Eighth: Protecting the homeland from any danger.  Ninth: To oppose the corrupt western advance and the hypocrites who want to analyze the taboos

 Ninth: The opposition to the immoral western march and the impious who wants to analyze the taboos.

 Tenth: To stay away from the temptations of the world.

 Eleventh: Stop violence against minorities, races, and sects, and work to bring points of view closer. 

 Twelfth: Not to ignore the danger of terrorism and the escaping resurrection, and to be ready to stand against them if necessary. Think of desecrating our beloved Iraq.

 Thirteenth: Standing with the people, the weak, the poor, and the oppressed in thick and thin.  In order to prove to everyone that Iraq is the Iraq of (the two Sadrs) and all follow their path and morals under the shadow of reference.

 Under the obedience of scholars, the living and the dead.

 So gathering you in your gathering has terrorized the occupier, the printmaker, the vassal, the corrupt and the terrorist.. God Almighty has said:

 The reward of the doers of good is lost)

 And Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds .


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