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Post Info TOPIC: Step by Step instructions to get on Tony's new list


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Step by Step instructions to get on Tony's new list

Step 1. Go into any of Ray’s Tweets that announce the calls. You will see a donation page. Make a donation, put in your information CORRECTLY. Don’t misspell your email address!!  AND DON’T FORGET, YOU MUST check the box at the bottom that says SAVE MY INFO FOR SECURE 1 CLICK CHECKOUT and put in the information that is requested.

Step 2. Once you have done Step 1, you should get an email within 24 hours that will say IT’S TIME TO GET SUBSCRIBED. Be patient for this email. Remember check you spam folder, too.  

Step 3. In the UPPER LEFT of that email picture you eventually get you will see a button (possibly grey in color) that says SUBSCRIBE. If in 24 hours you don’t get that email go to 

You will see a picture of the TNT logo and a message that says IT’S TIME TO GET YOU SUBSCRIBED.  In the UPPER LEFT of that picture you will see a button that says SUBSCRIBE. Click subscribe and put in your information.  Click below your information SUBSCRIBE . It may then ask you to verify you are not a robot.  Do that. If you get an error message that says that your email is already subscribed then you are "good to go" and you don’t need to do anything else other than make a donation every 30 days.

Step 4. If you are STILL having issues after making your donation and following these directions above, do the following:  If in 24 hours you don’t get that email go to

NOW CLICK THE RIGHT UPPER BOX that says PAST ISSUES. About three lines down you will see a box that says JOIN OUR MAILING LIST. Click on that. Put in your information and click SUBSCRIBE. Verify you are a human by checking the box that says I’M NOT A ROBOT and click the box below that says SUBSCRIBE.

REMEMBER, If you don’t make a donation you will not be able to be on our email list no matter how many times you click SUBSCRIBE. If all the above fails, it is possible that you put in an incorrect email or misspelled your email when you made your donation. Unfortunately, you will have to start over with a new donation.

Tony smile




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Instructions to get added to the TNT Email List

I’m hearing everyone’s issue. I had the issue too, even though I’ve been paying regularly, and I did check the
box previously- still no email. Here’s how I solved this-

1.) I went to the following link-

 2.) I clicked on “Past Issues” in the upper left corner (highlighted in yellow). See below

3.) Click on the gray button that says: “join our mailing list”. See next page below.

4.) Fill out all the information below and then click the gray button that says: “Subscribe”. See below
5.) Check the box “I’m not a robot” and click the gray button “Subscribe”
6.) Check your email inbox (or spam folder). The email you receive will have this in the subject line:
Thanks for joining us. In the body of the email, you should see

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